Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twitter and GeoAPI Team Up!

We recently launched to help other developers build new and valuable location-based services. We are excited to announce today that we have been acquired by Twitter and will be integrating the GeoAPI into the Twitter API.

As Ev wrote on the Twitter blog "We will be looking at how to integrate the work Mixer Labs has done with the Twitter API in useful ways that give developers behind geo-enabled apps like Birdfeed, Seesmic Web, Foursquare, Gowalla,Twidroid, Twittelator Pro and other powerful new possibilities. We look forward to building features together that will make Twitter even more interesting and relevant to your daily life, no matter where you are."

We will continue to give new API keys for - however there may be some delays in getting keys over the holidays.

We are excited to be joining forces with Twitter and will be working out of their offices up in foggy San Francisco :)

Happy holidays from the Mixer Labs Team!