Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make Your Own Entities!!! And FourSquare, YouTube, Weatherbug Media Layers

To add to the holiday cheer, we are launching a number of new features for including:

Entity creation:
This is one of our most requested features. You could previously annotate our database of 16 million businesses and points-of-interest. Now you can also create and annotate your *own* entities (both points and polygons) around the world. Do you want to annotate finch nests in the Galapagos Islands? Or create a virtual world overlay to Manhattan with your own blocks and neighborhoods? Or let students make a collaborative digital map of their campus? All this is now possible.

You can see a demo of this, where you can create your own "Twitter Empire" here.

More Media Layers: You can now query our entities (intersections, neighborhoods, parks, etc.) for:
This complements our previous layers for Twitter and Flickr.

Search: You can now search for entities by name and find the neighborhoods, cities and states that contain them. This simple forward geocoding can help with search or other apps.

Other: We have also made a number of less visible changes that you asked for including:
  • View parameters for MQL queries
  • Faster media layer queries
  • "one off" queries for set indices
  • SSL support
  • Case insensitive searching
You can read about this in our technical documentation.

Get an API key here.

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